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My compositional work can be roughly divided across the following broad categories: music for theater, music for video/film, vocal/choral music, installation/environmental music, instrumental-chamber music, "singer-songwriter" music, and arranging/orchestrating for other musicians' recording projects.

Collaborative ventures across disciplines have had, by far, the most lasting impact on shaping and reshaping how I think about and hear sound.

The following is a condensed sampling of primary influences: Tomas Luis De Victoria, Johannes Brahms, Claude Debussy, Gustav Mahler, Alexander Scriabin, Alban Berg, Cole Porter, Bernard Herrman, Olivier Messiaen, Iannis Xanakis, Thelonious Monk, Samuel Barber, Joseph Manneri, Bluegrass, Gospel, Balinese Gamelan and a variety of unforgettable live events, ranging from Andres Segovia as a child, performing the Brahms Requiem as a choir member in my adolescence, to local NYC shows including the likes of Bill Frisell, KRS-One, Ben Monder, Craig Taborn and Dave Binney.




© 2019 by Jonathan Bell. 

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